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Court documents obtained by the Herald have shed new light in the case of a woman accused of stabbing a man over the weekend in Killeen. A Bell County grand jury determined that a Harker Fredericksburg VA folks online dating man who shot and killed another man earlier this year actually was a victim according to the law. The April shooting erupted in the Harker Heights High School parking lot during a gun deal that went bad.

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But a government expert said Stacie Bagley had soot in her airway, indicating smoke inhalation and not the gunshot killed her. Trial evidence showed Todd Bagley likely died instantly.

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Prosecutors said Vialva, the oldest dating above your Boston the teens at 19, was the ringleader who shot the Bagleys, as they lay in the trunk before Bernard set the car on fire. He would be the ninth federal inmate put to death since July, when President Donald Trump ended a year hiatus in federal executions.

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CHICAGO — The Trump administration is planning an unprecedented five more federal executions before President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration, starting with a Texas street-gang member set to be put to death Thursday for his role in the slayings of an Iowa religious couple whose bodies he burned in the trunk of their car.

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The eight federal executions in already is more than in the 56 years combined. Facebook Twitter .

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Federal executions during a presidential transfer of power also are rare, especially during a transition from a death-penalty proponent to a president-elect like Biden opposed to capital punishment. The Justice Department refused to delay Thursday's execution of Bernard, another inmate on Friday and three more in January, even after eight officials who participated in an execution last month tested positive for the coronavirus.

The Bagleys, both of whom were in their 20s, spoke through an opening in the back seat and urged their kidnappers to accept Jesus as they drove around for hours trying to use the Best speed dating Gainesville ATM cards.

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Bernard, they say, has repeatedly expressed remorse. After the Bagleys agreed, Vialva pulled a gun and forced them into the trunk.

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The fifth is a white woman who would be the first female inmate executed by the federal government in nearly six decades. They say both Bagleys were likely dead before Bernard doused their car with lighter Industry PA hookups and set it on fire, a claim that conflicts with government testimony at trial.

After the teens pulled to the side of the road, Vialva walked to the back and shot the Bagleys in the head. Hide Caption.

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The last time executions occurred in a lame-duck period was during the presidency of Grover Cleveland in the s. Dustin Honken, convicted of killing five people, will be executed July 17, Free trial chat lines in Peoria IL Honken, a nerd turned drug kingpin, will become the only Iowan since to have the death sentence an Iowa jury imposed seen through on Friday, July 17, Share your feedback to help improve our site!

The first series of federal executions over the summer were of white men, which critics said seemed calculated to make them less controversial amid summer protests over racial discrimination.

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Brandon Bernard was 18 when he and four other teenagers abducted and robbed Todd and Stacie Bagley on their way from a Sunday service in Killeen, Texas. Several jurors have also since said publicly that they regret not opting for life in prison instead.

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One of Bernard's co-defendants, Christopher Vialva, was executed in September. The federal prosecutor who now wants a life term for Bernard, Angela Moore, says recent research shows people tend to view Blacks as more to blame than their white counterparts when the facts surrounding a crime are meet men in College Station TX same, and that young Black men are less likely to be given benefits of the doubt by jurors because of their immaturity.

Michael Tarm Associated Press.

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The teenagers, three of whom were pick up girls Oregon 18, approached the Bagleys in the afternoon on June 21,and asked them for a lift after they stopped at a convenience store — planning all along to rob the couple. If Bernard, now 40, receives a lethal injection as planned at the federal prison in Terre Haute, Indiana, it would be a rare execution of a person who was in his teens when the crime occurred.

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Defense attorneys have argued in court and in a petition for clemency from Trump that Bernard was a low-ranking, subservient member of the group. US set to execute Texas man who played a role in slaying of Iowa couple.