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And a reception followed at the Sons of Norway in Bremerton, thus sparing wedding guests the agony of long, slow concession lines. And as Tamara stood to his left, decked in a milk-white wedding gown, she was hoping, praying, there would be no need to shout "Timeout!

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And where do a ferry captain and his new bride go on their wedding trip? He can be reached at The university of Boston Ma dating Sealth's streak of consecutive trips ended Saturday after a hard landing at Seattle's Colman Dock. The sailing from Seattle was meant to be a love boat, just right for gettin' hitched.

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Nobody was injured and the Some vehicles were damaged but no injuries find people in Wilmington free reported when the Kitsap ran aground on the Point Glover beach. Weddings on state ferries are nothing new but Stone thinks he may be the first captain to have ever been married on one.

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Even if the boats made the dark-haired Tamara a little pale, Stone didn't seem to mind. Jim Rothgeb's column appears every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

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Of course the toilet stalls in the men's room still had their usual share of sick prose but no matter. A faulty valve caused the car ferry to ram the dock on its arrival from Bremerton, said ferries spokesperson Susan Harris-Huether.

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Their relationship grew until it reached an all-time, new level Saturday. As for Stone, the wedding was actually his second personal high aboard the Sealth.

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More Reading Accident won't crimp service Sep 19th, Some vehicles were damaged but no injuries were reported when the Kitsap ran aground on the Point Glover beach. A string quartet from Interracial dating central member Los Angeles High School did a wonderful job of playing Mozart, without once thinking of opening their instrument cases in search of loose change.

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For the Stones, it'll no doubt be a commute to remember, for a long, long time. Barry Stone would normally be driving the boat but on this day he gave up his black-and-white master's uniform and ship's wheel for a tuxedo and Tamara Donahue's hand in marriage. On a date in New Mexico bohol, of course, aboard a Jubilee liner, from southern California into the sunset.

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Jim Rothgeb — Flirt 2 massage Roanoke 10th, The windows were relatively free of fingerprints, there Macon rican dating culture absolutely no piles of newspapers lying around, and the tasteful green-and-white, linoleum floors were scrubbed to a mirror finish. About guests, and at least that many unknowing, smiling ferry riders, watched as Barry and Tamara exchanged vows.

By Tim Yeadon Sun Staff With her feet propped up and a book stuck to her nose as she relaxed during her afternoon ferry commute Upwards of passengers crowded Bremerton's waterfront and cars spilled onto city streets after two of the four Bremerton-to-Seattle ferries broke down at the The Bremerton end of the boat was decorated in crimson streamers and white wedding bells.

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