General Terms and Conditions

  1. Application procedure
    1. Students can apply using the online application procedure. Only full applications with all required documents will be considered for an admission.
    2. By submitting the application, students agree with these general terms and conditions of the IT Summer School.
    3. Applications are considered on the basis of a rolling admission. The final deadline of applications for students who do not need visa to come to Poland is June, 30th. For students who need visa the deadline is May, 31st.
    4. The IT Summer School reserves the right to request additional documents if needed for the selection process.
  2. Academic entry requirements
    1. Participants must be enrolled at least as bachelor students in a university.
  3. English language skills
    1. Students are expected to have at least B1+ level of English.
    2. It is the student’s own responsibility to determine whether they meet the English language level that is needed to successfully complete the course. Students do not need to provide language tests to the IT Summer School.
    3. The IT Summer School does not take a responsibility for any inconvenience or failure to attend due to the participant’s lack of English language proficiency.
  4. Selection and placement
    1. Selection will take place on the basis of rolling admission. Students will receive a conditional admission statement on the basis of eligibility for admission as well as availability in courses.
    2. Students are advised to pay as soon as possible, not later than 7 days after being conditionally admitted. Conditional admission will not give students the right to claim a place in a course. Registration for the course and unconditional admission will only be final after full payment is received.
  5. Payment Procedure
    1. The payment should be made by a transfer to the bank account of Wrocław University of Economics:
      Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny we Wrocławiu
      ul. Komandorska 118/120
      53-345 Wrocław

      Bank Zachodni WBK 17 Oddział we Wrocławiu
      Plac Powstańców Śląskich 17/115
      53-314 Wrocław
      30 1090 2529 0000 0001 2284 9471 – EURO
      IBAN: PL30109025290000000122849471

    2. IT Summer School is not responsible for any bank charges incurred in the transfer of fees. All bank charges are the responsibility of the student.
  6. Housing
    1. Students will be placed in the dorms located in the campus of University of Economics.
    2. Students will be placed in double rooms. If needed, student can request a single room by mentioning it in the application. An additional fee for a single room will be charged.
  7. Social programme
    1. The social programme is an optional part of the IT Summer School. Some of the activities may be charged with additional fees.
    2. If due to unforeseen circumstances the planned activities cannot take place, the IT Summer School will do its best to offer a reasonable alternative.
  8. Visa and Health Insurance
    1. Students are responsible for arranging their own entry visa, if applicable. If needed, students can request an admission statement for their visa application via e-mail (itsummer@ue.wroc.pl).
    2. Rejection of a visa application does not affect these terms and conditions, including cancellation policy as described in clause 9. The IT Summer School urges all participants form outside of the European Union to check which visa requirements may apply as early as possible with the Polish Embassy.
    3. Students are responsible to arrange adequate health insurance.
  9. Cancellation policy.
    1. If a student has been accepted to the IT Summer School and has paid the tuition fee, but due to unforeseen circumstances needs to cancel, the following refunds will be given:
      1. Cancelation before June 1st: 100% of total fee will be refunded.
      2. Cancelation before July 1st: 75% of total fee will be refunded.
      3. Cancelation before August 15th: 50% of total fee will be refunded.
      4. Cancelation after August 15th: no refund will be given.
    2. Before June 15th the IT Summer School will inform students whether enough students have applied for continuation of the course. Students should keep this in mind when making travel arrangements.
    3. If a course is cancelled by the IT Summer school due to the unforeseen circumstances all tuition fee will be reimbursed. The IT Summer School will however not reimburse any additional costs made by the student such as for travel arrangements or visa applications.
  10. Transcript of records
    1. Full time attendance and active participation in class is required of all students. Not meeting this requirement may result in failing a course.
    2. Under no circumstances are academic dishonesty, plagiarism or cheating accepted.
    3. The course will be concluded with an exam and students will be given a grade for the course.
    4. Students will receive a transcript of records. The certificate will include information about the credit weight per course in European Credits (ECTS). By European standard one ECTS-credit symbolizes 28 study hours (both contact as well as self-study hours).
    5. The students are responsible for making arrangements for the transfer of credits to their home university. IT Summer School has no responsibility in this respect.
  11. Code of conduct and liability
    1. Students are required to abide by all applicable rules and regulations of the IT Summer School, all applicable rules and regulations of the Universities dorms and by all applicable laws, rules, and regulations of Poland. In case of violation by the student, the IT Summer School has the right to terminate the student’s participation and to expel the relevant student. In case of expulsion no refund will be given to the student.
    2. The IT Summer School does not accept any liability for any damages, loss, injuries suffered by the student while participating in the IT Summer School.
    3. Any disputes between the participant and the IT Summer School that cannot be resolved in mutual consultation will be brought before the Wrocław court under Polish law.
  12. Consent photography/video material
    1. By agreeing with the General Terms and Conditions, students give permission to be featured in commercially used photography or video footage of the IT Summer School, which can be used at the full discretion of IT Summer School staff.