New edition

IT Summer School 2019

26.08. - 06.09 2019


Apply for the IT Summer School in Wrocław this year and join more than 130 alumni from 5 continents who finished our course in previous 4 editions! The main topic of 2019 edition is Data Science.

We offer 60 hours course that includes lectures and hands-on tutorials/laboratory sessions. This year’s edition will concentrate on Data Science and advanced analytics. Core statistical and mathematical principles will be explained, as well, as their practical applications to real-life problems. You will learn how to use the most popular machine learning algorithms and design full analytical process from the beginning to the very end. Topics will be covered step-by-step, allowing you to familiarize and get used to presented contents.

  1. Data analytics – statistical methods of data exploration and initial analysis
  2. Data mining – discovering new information from datasets using most popular techniques
  3. Machine learning design and implementation of self-learning systems, including classification and regression problems
  4. Big data – application of techniques mentioned above to massive data volumes