Although you are coming to Wrocław to study, we are well aware that it is your summer holiday! Therefore, the Summer School Team has prepared a leisure programme that will help you to relax after your classes and integrate with others. Multicultural environment of summer school will enable you to get to know young people from all over the world! We guarantee that you will return home having a few more friends.

Our team will do everything to help you, keep you entertained and to expand your knowledge. Hope to see you soon!
Here are the most important leisure trips:

City tour of Wroclaw

Wrocław is a beautiful city with an incredible history that we will help you to discover. It is also full of activities, clubs and places you just have to see!

Trip on the river Odra

Wrocław is known as a Polish Venice, we have more than 100 bridges all over the city. It is a must-have to see the beauty of the city from the river side.

International evening

Tell your new friends about yourself and your country by bringing your national drink, food or whatever else you think will give an impression of your home country. And very important: don´t eat too much beforehand!

Jump hall

Sport activities are the best to integrate with new friends, therefore we will take you to jump hall!

Rafting in Bardo

It is important to get a break and spend some time outdoors.
This unique experience is a great way to integrate with other participants. Rafting is the best way to exercise by having fun doing it! At the end there is nice bonfire with delicious food provided and you do not have to count the calories! *

* This attraction depends on the weather conditions


Hydropolis is a place where diverse multimedia technologies, interactive installations, faithful replicas and models, as well as touch screens providing extensive information, serve one purpose – to show water from various fascinating perspectives. More here.

Pub crawling and clubbing in Wroclaw

Wrocław is a meeting place, therefore we will show you the best places to hang out in the city.

Polish diner

You will have many possibilities to discover polish traditions and culture during your stay in Wrocław. One of its crucial elements is cuisine of course. You will have a chance to try PIEROGI, which is the must-try classic and the most iconic polish food of all, KOTLET SCHABOWY, PICKLES, PĄCZKI, variation of soups, PLACKI ZIEMNIACZANE, BIGOS, KIEŁBASA and much more!