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cutting-edge analytics?

Summer School on Data Science (5th edition)

26.08. – 06.09 2019

The next edition starts:


i am data scientist

Our next edition

Data Science was the main topic during the last three editions of Summer School in Wroclaw. In 2019 we will continue this subject.

We will talk about machine learning.

We will learn the tools for data analysis.

We will explore big data technologies.

We will implement data mining solutions.


Data science and machine learning are rapidly growing. They combine skills from different areas of expertise – starting from classic statistical analysis, through software development, data management, ending up with domain and business expertise. It’s a lot of work, and one should keep the

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balance between them to master all skills necessary to become one of the Data Scientists.

Photos from past editions

What students say about us?

Attending Summer School in Wroclaw was one of the best decisions I’ve made. They managed to come up with the perfect combination of fun and education. Wroclaw is an amazing city. We spent two weeks there and every day we had a different adventure!…

Nizar Elias

So, quite literally this was on of the most memorable experiences I had, the warmth and hospitality found there can barely be explained, thanks in turn to the two hosting students that were also our guides, Karolina and Marta, those guys are absolutely amazing, the rest of the staff too! 🙂…

Bader Fahoum

Since the first Summer School at the University of Economics in Wroclaw I attended in 2015 was such a memorizable experience, I decided to join another one this year. Thanks to the organization team the combination between study and having fun was pretty perfect again.…

Mik Franner

You often ask us about:

Summer School is dedicated to bachelor Business Informatics students, however we do not mind hosting any students interested in the matter. Anyone interested in data science will be welcome!

Where can I apply to Wrocław Summer School on Data Science?

You can apply via our APPLY NOW button. You will have to download and fill application form. Then send it to us, as soon as possible.

What is the participation fee for Wrocław Summer School on Data Science

The fee for two weeks of great experience is just 620€, however if you pay before April, 30th, the fee is 590€.

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